About Streamer Rank

Streamer Rank is open to any content creators who wish to create content on the server! Get access to a variety of perks for a better content creation experience.

➡️ Learn more about how we support content creators here.


  • Complimentary Shrimp Donor rank + Nickname command
  • Exclusive "Streamer" tag
  • Ability to go invisible and hide yourself in-game

What we look out for

We don't have hard and fast requirements, and we approve applications on a case-by-case basis.

  • Have an active channel
  • Frequently join and create content on ChopeMC
  • Channel should produce original content regularly

Ready to apply?

Feeling excited already? Reach out to us with an application via email.
You may find our contact information here.


Please use the naming convention
"Streamer Rank Application - [NAME]" as the subject head.
makes things easier for us.
of course, use your streamer name. not the placeholder.

In your application, please include the following details:

  • Your Twitch / Youtube / Whatever medium link you use
  • Minecraft In-Game Username (Make sure it's correct.)
  • A brief introduction of yourself, and what you do - sell yourself.

Please only apply if you intend to stream on ChopeMC on a regular basis.

ChopeMC reserves the right to:

  • Reject any incoming applications we receive for any reason.
  • Revoke the rank of one should they violate our Community Standards or abuse the abovementioned perks granted via the Streamer rank.
  • Update the requirements above at any time.