BuiltIt - Monthly Survival Event

BuiltIt - Monthly Survival Event

Wowee! Looks like most of us have settled in nicely in the newly updated Survival server. Netherite armour, diamonds, money and grandpa's old stick... But what if you treat yourself to a nice comfy base or house of your own?

Ever since the release of Chope 1.18, we have seen some amazing builds around on the server by you. From dirt houses to mega mega dirt houses!

So we decided, what if you could show off your dirt houses (I mean) fabulously built mansion?

Introducing BuiltIt

BuiltIt is a monthly event everyone can participate in, to show off their builds to the community.

We want people to kinda go like: "That thing over there, I built it"

...this is cool and all, but do I get in?

It's simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a screenshot.
    Angle your camera and take the best picture of your build. Put on your favourite shaders if you wish to pimp it up a little.
    You can submit up to 3 pictures per submission.
  2. Post it inside the "#build-showcase" channel on our Discord server.
    It's time to show the world your build. (Check below for message format)
    For those that don't know how to find your coordinates, check here for guide.
  3. Wait for judgement day.
    Seat tight and wait for the results. There will be prizes!

Message format for submission

**Submission for BuiltIt (month, e.g. March) (year, e.g. 2022)**
Coordinates: x, z
In-game username: Steve

(put your 3 pictures below, if the file is more than 8MB, 
use compressor.io or take a screenshot of it to reduce the size)
Use the above for your Discord message

Just a heads up

Only submit your own builds. Submitting other people's builds will get you into some nasty stuff and we don't want to do that to anyone.

...sounds good, are there any catches?

All submissions should feature builds that are in the survival server (unless stipulated for that specific month). This is to ensure that submissions are fair for all.

When is Judgement day?

It is on the last day of each month.
Submissions close 2 days before, so mark the date!

Cool, who picks the winner though?

So you want to know how we pick the winner. We don't.

The winner is chosen by you. Everyone gets two votes that they can cast.

That's all for now

You made it to the end of the post!

We hope that this event will help foster and build a strong community on ChopeMC. Hope to see some of your sweet sweet submissions!

Happy Minecrafting! <3