Say hello to Chope 1.18

Say hello to Chope 1.18

Where r u? Why no update for so long??

After the long wait, we are proud to update Chope to 1.18.

Unfortunately, we decided to move on without custom world generation, as the plugin wasn't receiving updates as quickly as we'd like.
(it's still outdated as of writing!)

Most of the wait time was really just us waiting for it to be updated, so we apologise for that.

Exciting new ((old) new) features

  • New Spawn
  • New Friends
  • New News
  • Old News
  • A new fun crate at spawn

28 April 2022 - Be prepared!

ChopeMC will be dropping this update on the 28th of April, 2022.
Additionally, we have decided to host a little giveaway.
It's exclusive loot, so why not?

  • Exclusive Starter Pack
    Stronger than the regular stuff!
  • FREE "Shrimp" Donation Rank
    3 Months Duration
  • Join the Stream VC
    chat with us as the server drops
  • Bragging rights
    He he he ha.

"Well ok mate that's pretty cool but how do I join? you weird lemon eating vinegar drinking table humping chump"
Bring a friend along for the ride, or retweet our tweet to stand a chance at winning.
Of course, your friend will get the abovementioned benefits too.

Watch the Livestream!

Tune in on 28th April 2022 @ 9PM (UTC+8, SGT) on Haruyuki's channel to watch the release stream live!

Important: How registration is officialised

For us to know that you've been referred (or have referred), please set your nickname to include your friend's name in brackets like shown in the example.

Obviously, this means your friend has to join our discord server.
Invite Link

Example: both parties need to have each other's names in brackets set in their nicknames.

ok that's it bye