Our commitment to content creators

Our commitment to content creators

At ChopeMC, we strive to provide the best experience for all players, this includes streamers and content creators.

Content creators play a major part in telling the world that we exist; And for that, we are committed to being the Minecraft Network for Streamers.

Interact with your audience.

We want to make ChopeMC a go-to place for content creators to engage and play with their viewers. As a content creator, you can play along, collaborate as well as stream together with viewer interactions. Gone are the days where viewer interactions are solely tied to the chat.


Get to discover streamers and content creators outside your usual circle of subscriptions and follows. You can familiarise yourself with other members of the community and discover others with similar interests. Who knows? You might bump into a perfect partner to collaborate with in a future stream!

We work with you, for you.

Being a content creator is tough, especially if you have a decent following. ChopeMC provides the vanish command in the event you wish to have a little bit of privacy when filming a video or streaming.

If you require any additional or special assistance for a stream you have in mind, be sure to propose it to us, we always love a fresh new idea and to help you succeed.

Inclusive to all.

Any content creator of any size may apply for the streamer rank so long as you show signs of life. We don't have hard requirements, we approve on a case-by-case basis.

Excited? Apply now.

More information in relation to the Streamer Rank and how to apply can be found here.

We hope to see you on ChopeMC!