Mid-month Feature Update - May 2022

Mid-month Feature Update - May 2022

It's the time of the month when we push feature updates out. Have a look at what we have added below!


Auction House
You can now conveniently sell items without the use of chest shops! We recommend the use of the auction house as a way to sell rare and expensive items. Please note that all items are 20% taxable.
Commands: /ah or /auctionhouse

Player Warps
It's here and you people can stop complaining about not having any customers at your chest shop. You can get one for $2,000/week.
Commands: /pw or /playerwarps

Pandora's Box
It's like the black market but legalised! Every month, pandora's box at spawn will shuffle to a new exclusive unique (super-duper powerful) item. While stocks last!

That's all for this update. Pretty small update but there's more to come at the end of this month! Stay tuned~

Happy Minecrafting <3