Community Standards

ChopeMC is committed to keeping the server safe and friendly for everyone. With that in mind, our network is governed by the following community guidelines to ensure fair gameplay and player safety.

These rules are to be observed by everyone, including staff members. Thank you for keeping ChopeMC a safe and enjoyable community for everyone!

Looking to report a player? Wishing to appeal a ban?
You can get in touch with us on our Discord.

Chat Rules

  1. Respect everyone. do not harass, harm or threaten another member of the community.
  2. Be inclusive. Keep all conversations in English.
  3. Advertising is prohibited.
  4. Discriminatory and hate speech are not tolerated and will get you banned.
  5. Don't spam or be annoying.
  6. Impersonation of another player is prohibited. Especially a member of staff.
  1. You are responsible for your account. Any action undertaken by your account is considered your doing, even if it was another person.
  2. Do not use multiple accounts to evade administrative actions.
  3. Avoid sharing accounts. Read rule #1.
  4. Offensive or inappropriate usernames and nicknames (for donors) are not permitted.


  1. Play fair and square. Usage of client modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players is not permitted.
  2. Don't exploit bugs or security features.


  1. Claim it or lose it. All claimed lands are protected from grief and theft.
  2. Acts done with malicious intent to surrounding claimed lands or the like are prohibited.
  3. Be considerate. While we do not put restrictions on mob farms, you are responsible for ensuring that the farms you own are lag compliant. Overbred farms and excessively large redstone machines may be removed.

Guidelines set by precedence

In order to ensure fairness, we follow the precedence set by previously enacted actions.

  1. Griefing or stealing on land that is, in good faith, left unclaimed due to oversight is prohibited. Applicable if said unclaimed land lies sufficiently close to an existing claimed land and cannot be larger than 10x10.
  2. Usage of auto-clicking software to avoid AFK kicks is prohibited.
  3. Automated farms are allowed so long as it doesn't cause lag.


  1. Don't build to offend, build for others to admire.
  2. Bullying is not tolerated. Don't insult other players' builds. Give constructive criticism instead.

The above rules may be amended without any prior notice.
Revised 2022/06/11.