Community Guidelines

ChopeMC is committed to keeping the server safe and friendly for everyone. With that in mind, our network is governed by the following community guidelines to ensure fair gameplay and player safety.

These rules are to be observed by everyone, including staff members. Thank you for keeping ChopeMC a safe and enjoyable community for everyone!

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time, however, we will do our best to inform you of any changes.

  1. Respect everyone.
    Harassing, harming or threatening another member of the community is prohibited.
  2. Use an appropriate skin and username.
    Keep it safe for work and don't offend, we have streamers streaming in here, be considerate to them and kids who just want to have fun.
  3. Stick with English in global chat.
    Let everyone understand what you're saying!
  4. Don't be annoying to other players.
    Don't spam, don't type in caps. This applies to commands such as teleport requests.
  5. Advertising & links are prohibited.
    For safety reasons, links that are not endorsed by ChopeMC are not allowed, unless it fits the flow of the current conversation in chat.
    Players holding the Streamer rank are exempt from this rule with limitations.
  6. Discriminatory and hate speech are not tolerated.
    Be nice to everyone.
  7. Impersonation of another player or a member of staff is prohibited.
    That's just bad taste.
  8. Trading in-game items for real-life currency is strictly prohibited.
    It's also against Minecraft's EULA.
  9. Be 'seiso' and keep it civil.
    Keep everything you do safe for work and appropriate for all ages.
  10. Alt-accounts are prohibited.
  11. Bypassing bans will lead to more ban.
    Don't try, we know. Just wait it out and come back, you won't be forgotten!
  12. Modifications to your client that provide unfair advantage are prohibited.
    Others have spent their time doing things legitimately, you can too.
  13. Keyboard and mouse inputs should be done by a human (you!).
    Usage of any software that interfaces with your client to generate any un-human, unnatural or spammy inputs is not allowed. For usage in the Survival gamemode, please view our auto-clicker policy in the server-specific section for Survival.
  14. Don't exploit loopholes, glitches or bugs.
    Help make ChopeMC bug free by reporting to us.
  15. We don't tolerate abuse towards staff.
    We're trying our best to help. Help requests that are abusive will not be entertained.
  16. Do not use our servers to undertake anything illegal as deemed by law.
    Such acts will lead to immediate removal from the server for the safety of others.

Server specific rules


  1. Griefing is prohibited in all claim plots of land and around said land.
  2. Destroying or making wilderness an eyesore, includes but not limited to, lava casting, is prohibited.
  3. Be sensible when building a farm, redstone contraption or any Slimefun machine. Spare a thought for other players who want a lag-free experience.
  4. Be responsible for the things you do with Slimefun.
    Slimefun items and blocks can be powerful but may cause lag.
  5. Claim responsibly.
    Do not claim other people's property or claim in close proximity without explicit consent.
  6. Spawn kills are prohibited. Where there are items such as in Slimefun where when used incorrectly can kill other players, it is prohibited to be used at spawn.
  7. Looting is prohibited in claimed land or in close proximity to claimed land, looting other player's items when they die.

Autoclicker usage policy

  • Auto-clickers can only be used for Slimefun Crafting (does not include sifting or panning).
  • Bypassing anti-AFK measures are strictly prohibited.
  • Using an auto-clicker like a macro is prohibited.
  • The usage of macros and bots are strictly prohibited. An auto-clicker usage will be considered as a macro if they are placed on a delayed interval to perform a specific task.

⚠️ Players who violate these guidelines will be liable up to a fine of $150,000 (in-game currency) and/or 7 day temporary ban.

Machine and contraption policy

  • A machine is a collection of blocks together with wires or redstone that work to serve a certain function.
  • All machines must be controllable via an on-off switch if the said machine is understood to produce a considerable amount of lag when left turned on for an extended period of time.
  • Usage of clocks is prohibited unless said clocks are controllable by an on-off switch.
  • Do not leave your machine running when you are offline.

We actively issue advisories for any machines that do not comply with this policy by contacting you or leaving a sign.

⚠️ Non-compliance with an advisory issued or repeat violations may lead to a fine of up to $100,000 (in-game currency) being imposed upon you.


  1. Keep it safe for work. We have kids playing on here.
  2. Don't build to offend. Build for others to admire.
  3. Give constructive criticism. Don't insult and bully.

Account Safety Advisory

Keeping your account safe and secure is important in preventing hackers from using your account maliciously on ChopeMC.

  • Refrain from sharing accounts.
  • Set a strong and secure password.
  • Ensure that your email account is secure and nobody else has access to it.

Contact a member of staff as soon as possible the moment you find that your account has been compromised.

⚠️ A heads up: Any action taken by your account is your responsibility. So if your friend decides to get your account banned, that's still on you.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact a member of staff for clarifications on our Discord server.

🙏 Thank you for keeping ChopeMC safe and friendly for everyone.