The Scrolls & Automation Update - August 2022

The Scrolls & Automation Update - August 2022

It's been two months since we pushed any new updates for ChopeMC. Today, we will be announcing the Scrolls & Automation update for August.

New Features


Say goodbye to AFKing in mob farms. This new block will keep chunks loaded for you even while offline, allowing for your farms and machines to continue to run!

Chunkloaders can be obtained via the new daily Cluescrolls (in which I will talk about below).


I'm pretty sure you played a gacha game before with dailies. Think about that, now think about Minecraft. Yes, we did the thing. We have added dailies into Survival.

By solving clues in scrolls (Cluescrolls duh), you will be able to get random daily rewards such as in-game money, Slimefun machinery and items as well as basic resources. It's like an extra bonus on top of voting every day.

Use the command /cluescrolls to access.

Changes & Fixes

  • [Survival] Added Chunkloaders
  • [Survival] Added daily Cluescrolls
  • [Survival] Fixed slow and sluggish chunk loading and generation
  • [Survival] Updated /rankup messages
  • [Hub, Survival, Creative] Added compatibility layer for 1.19.1
  • Autoclicker usage policy has been updated - More info
  • Minor bug fixes

Thank you for following the development of ChopeMC. We hope to share more next time around!