Slimefun, Auto-clickers & Macros

Slimefun, Auto-clickers & Macros

Hello everyone! Recently, our community guidelines were rewritten in order to accommodate the expanding community in ChopeMC.

Together with the newly written rules, was an auto-clicker ban that was instated to prevent unfair play, which sparked a large interest in the community. We have received an outpouring of feedback in regards to this newly instated rule.

After reading your feedback, let us take this opportunity to share our views and how we will proceed forward.

Auto-clickers, what are those?

An auto-clicker is a piece of software that is used to simulate clicks on a mouse, sometimes up to speeds that is humanly impossible. We're talking like 100 clicks per second! This also removes the need for a human to be in control of the mouse as the software takes care of the clicking.

Fast clicking, but what for?

On the very first day of release, we permitted the usage of auto-clickers for performing mundane tasks such as mass crafting using Slimefun's Enhanced Crafting Table to improve player 'quality of life'. As much of Slimefun involves clicking to get things done, this allowance was very laxed and unregulated.

Cheating & unfair play

In many cases when enquired about valid usage of an auto-clicker, we largely permit the use of it so long as:

  • It is not being used like a macro or act like a bot
  • It is not being used to evade anti-AFK measures
  • It is used for speeding up mundane tasks that requires a lot of clicking.

These pointers have not changed and have relatively been unheld since release.

However, we have noted an increase number of player who are not in compilance with these pointers. Unfair usage of an auto-clicker can cause serious negative effects on the server as well as the economy as it allows players to accrue massive amounts of resources that they would normally obtain while at their PC.

Allowing such usage and encouraging players to AFK, takes away the focus of actually enjoying and playing the game.

Usage of macros and bots

The usage of macros and bots are strictly prohibited and have never been allowed on ChopeMC. An auto-clicker usage will be considered as a macro if they are placed on a delayed interval to perform a specific task.

We heard you!

We have received an outpour of feedback regarding the new ban on auto-clickers and have decided to allow the usage of auto-clickers with limitations.

It's no different from before we implemented a complete ban, however this time, guidelines will be enforced.

  • Auto-clickers can only be used for Slimefun Crafting (does not include sifting or panning).
  • Bypassing anti-AFK measures are strictly prohibited.
  • Using an auto-clicker like a macro is prohibited.
Players who violate these guidelines will be liable up to a fine of $150,000 (in-game currency) and/or 7 day temporary ban.

How will this affect me

It barely does, even if you use an auto-clicker. Many of the manual machines in Slimefun have automatic variants that you can leverage for speed and ease of usage. Some of them function even better than auto-clicking!

Your feedback is always valued

Feedback from you an important factor for us to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks to everyone who participated in discussions.

In the meantime, if you wish to have a read on our full set of community guidelines, you may view it here.

Thank you.