Statement on Intellectual Property

Statement on Intellectual Property

We at ChopeMC value the works, streams and video content produced by streamers on our Minecraft network. Original content takes a large amount of effort, from idea to production, and to the final product.

Pledging to protect the intellectual property of others

ChopeMC holds itself to a high level in respecting the intellectual property of third parties. We strive to uphold this ethical standard to the best of our abilities for our daily operations and this also applies to endorsing streamers with our Streamer rank scheme.

On the topic of NyakunoSensei

The Oversight Board of ChopeMC was recently made aware that an endorsed streamer, going by the screen name of "NyakunoSensei", has been found to have violated the intellectual property, an art work/illustration, of another party by misattribution of credit.

We have performed an appropriate internal review and evaluation of the situation. Hence, by the unanimous decision of the Oversight Board, we have decided to terminate our Streamer rank agreement with NyakunoSensei.

He will still be free to continue playing on ChopeMC and in future, reapply to our Streamer rank scheme if he wishes to.

Zero tolerance for unethicality

ChopeMC stands firm on operating with ethics for the benefit of our community and the greater public. We will not tolerate any unethical acts performed by any member of the community including members of staff.

With that, we will continue to strive to bring value to our community and stakeholders. Thank you.

Edit 2022/05/25 - Added clarification of the IP being infringed upon

Chief Oversight Officer
On behalf of the Oversight Board of ChopeMC