Streamer Onboarding Handbook

We have been waiting for you! Congratulations on your Streamer Rank.

This is a short and quick guide for newly onboarded players for the ChopeMC Streamer Rank and we highly recommend you read through this as it contains vital information and guidelines set for content creators.

This is an agreement between you (as the streamer) and us (as ChopeMC). We may choose to terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason. Unless you terminate this agreement, which you may do at any time, the following will be binding in whole.

We may update this document without notice, however, attempt to inform all relevant parties to the best of our abilities should a major change occur.

Command Guide

  1. /vanish
    Want some private time away from your viewers? This command hides you from regular players.
  2. /tags
    Show off your status! You can now set your tag to "Twitch", "VTuber" or "Youtube".

Stream Events

You can hold stream events on ChopeMC (they are very much welcomed!), let it be a subathon or a celebration for your channel. Prior to doing so, please contact us so that we can make arrangements to handle any player spikes and prevent any hiccups for the benefit of everyone.

Streaming Guidelines

There are a few things to take note of. This applies whenever you are streaming on ChopeMC. The following isn't exhaustive and we heavily rely on common sense.

List of guidelines

  • When mentioning the server, please refer to it as its proper name, "ChopeMC".
    This avoids confusion for your viewers and potential players. No one wants to be accused of false advertising!
  • Avoid discussing controversial topics.
    Please respect the ChopeMC brand as much as your own; It takes years to get to where we are!
  • Do not disseminate confidential information.
    There are times when we will provide streamers with early access to features or early-bird information regarding future releases to try out or publicise. Please take note of "access levels" stated on each piece of information given to you. "Confidential" level should only be kept to yourself unless stated otherwise.
  • Do not break community guidelines.
    Everyone, even staff is bounded by them, fair and square.
  • Avoid damaging the brand.
    If you need to air your grievances about a particular feature or any part of the server, please choose to feedback directly to us rather than ranting about it on stream.
  • If you are unsure whether something is allowed on the server, don't hesitate to ask us!

NG Actions

"No-go" actions are actions that can possibly get your rank revoked. We try our best to not go with the route of taking administrative action against anyone, however, we're just going to list an unexhaustive list of actions that are prohibited for your reference. Again, common sense is relied upon here.

NG Actions Examples

  • Disseminating false (possibly damaging) information about the server
  • Abusing elevated command privileges
  • Breaking community guidelines
  • Bringing personal drama into the server
  • Encouraging your fanbase to perform an action that could potentially affect the usual operations of the server
  • Encourage someone to perform an action against our community guidelines
  • Performing, undertaking or conspiring to act in an illegal manner that may concern public safety, intellectual property, etc.

Maintaining your rank

We do not set any minimum requirements for stream frequency, however, we may remove ranks from inactive players. We will definitely appreciate it if you allocate some stream time on the server!

That's all!

Now go out and start minecrafting <3
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff team for clarifications. Thank you.

Written by Haruyuki.
Original 2022/05/12.
Revised 2022/05/23.