The Territories Update - Sept 2022

The Territories Update - Sept 2022

Hello everyone, wait... It hasn't been a month since the last update and it's not even close to September- Yes, we know.

We wanted to release this update somewhere near the end of August, mayhaps around the start of September. However, in light of a land claiming bug, we mugged day and night to bring this update to you as soon as possible and we'd like to share with you the new changes that the Territories Update brings!

This major update has breaking changes.
Your gameplay experience may be heavily affected.

We advise you to read it through to understand the changes.
Click to jump to 'Breaking Changes' section.

New features


In the old system, land is land. Once claimed it is yours. However, what happens if you make multiple claims over the large open world we play in? It gets really messy. We're simplifying this process. You can now create multiple claimed territories, called Lands. Each land has its own permission system, claimed territories, name as well as a bank account.

Every land also runs separately from one another. This means /unclaimall no longer removes all claims but only the land you have selected.

Think about it as a container that contains your claimed chunks, rather than in GriefPrevention where all your claimed chunks are scattered in a single container.

New land management menu


As players start towns and communities, sharing and managing claimed land can be hard, especially when it comes to what you want to let your friends touch. You can now mark out a specific area inside your land to grant to your friends.

You can even choose to rent or sell the area for a price! Rent money is collected automatically and deposited into your balance. Perfect for starting a town.

Your wallet is now the limit

There are no longer any limits for claim blocks. Your balance is now the limit, which means so long as you keep the money coming in, you can claim to your heart's content! This now gives new value to money on the server.

  • Creating a land: $0
  • Claiming a chunk: ~$50/chunk (4% increase per chunk claimed)
  • Upkeep cost for each chunk: $6.25/chunk/24h

To get an idea, a land the size of 8x8 chunks (64 chunks total area) costs $400 to upkeep a day which is $2800 a week.

Togglable Flags

It is now possible to change the behaviour of your land or area using the Lands menu. Mob spawn, redstone, pistons and more can now be toggled on or off based on your needs.

More features for you to explore

The above are the most prominent features added in this update. We're leaving out a lot more for you to explore!

How to Start as a Player · Angeschossen/Lands Wiki
Repository for the Lands Wiki. Contribute to Angeschossen/Lands development by creating an account on GitHub.
Please note that some features of Lands may not be applicable on ChopeMC such as Nations and Wars.

Useful commands to try

  • /lands - Brings up the lands menu
  • /lands create - Creates a new land
  • /lands claim - Annexes the current chunk you are standing on
  • /lands unclaim - Relinquish the current chunk you have claimed and revert it back to the wilderness
  • /lands view - Show the borders of claimed land
  • /lands trust - Adds a player to your land
  • /lands selection - Gives you a selection tool for claiming

Migration & Breaking changes

With the onset of replacing GriefPrevention, all current claims must be migrated manually to the new Lands system.

Migration period
In order to keep your claims protected during this period of migration, we will continue to keep GriefPrevention running in parallel with Lands. This will continue till 1st September and after that, all unmigrated claims will be released and become unclaimed.

How do I do this?

  • Create a land and claim all the chunks your base lies on with the new system.
    ( /lands create , /lands selection , /lands claim )
  • Go ahead and /abandonallclaims once you have claimed everything you need using Lands
  • That's it, you're done. Simple right?

What happens to my existing claim blocks on GriefPrevention?

Fret not, they aren't going to waste. You can sell them at $3/block using /sellclaim <amount>. Use the money to reclaim your land on the new Lands system!

Patch notes

  • [Hub] Players now spawn with fishing rods
  • [Survival] Removed old random teleport system
  • [Survival] Disabled GriefPrevention
  • [Survival] Added Lands
  • [Survival] Bluemaps only show heavily utilised areas and spawn
  • [Survival] Rates updated for Chunkloaders in Cluescrolls
  • [Survival] Voting rewards updated to reflect the removal of GriefPrevention
  • [Survival] Crate rewards updated to reflect the removal of GriefPrevention

Quite a large update churned out in record time! If you have any feedback on this new system, feel free to leave us one on our Discord server.

Tally ho and happy Minecrafting!