Why we won't update to 1.19.1

Why we won't update to 1.19.1

Hello everyone, for the past few Minecraft updates, we have been always pushing for our server version to the latest and greatest.

However, with the release of 1.19.1, we will be breaking this tradition and not be doing this. We guess that many of you have questions as to why, so here's why we chose this decision.

New chat built-in 'safety' features

The release of 1.19.1 includes minor feature upgrades to the existing game mechanics introduced into the original 1.19 update. One new feature added is a built-in player reporting feature in regard to chat moderation.

This new addition intends to allow a user to report another user to Mojang should they behave in an inappropriate manner or anything going against the set community standards & EULA.

... How is this a problem?

"Wait, isn't this a good thing?" is probably what you're asking yourself right now (hey, same here, when I heard about it at first).

Picture of a ban screen when you are banned off the entire game (including realms).

Weird censor list & bans

Unfortunately, it isn't. Before the final release of the 1.19.1 update, there have been many instances of this content censoring and banning occurring in weird ways, here, here and here.

Weaponisation of chat reporting

As players can now report other players to Mojang, we (as well as the general Minecraft community) have concerns that not all reports are done in good faith.

With a community and player size this large, it can be assumed that Mojang wouldn't be fully able to check and validate all reports before issuing a verdict. Hence, we objectively find this fundamentally flawed as there may be some caught up in the crossfire, who hasn't done anything wrong.

You people are a unique bunch

To put it simply, everyone in the ChopeMC community has their own set of quirks, speaking styles and kawaii word choices. The new chat filter may act up on the unique language (provided, it's clean and safe for work) we use to express ourselves.

Where do we go from here?

At ChopeMC, we will always be committed to protecting our player base and strive to provide a safe environment to play and interact.

Improving server moderation

We will be strengthening the enforcement of our Community Guidelines on chat regulations. Please be reminded that no unsafe, inappropriate or offensive messages should be posted in chat, signs or books.

We will still support joins from 1.19.1 clients

As with most updates, we will provide a compatibility layer if you wish to connect to ChopeMC servers using a 1.19.1 client. However, we will not provide any technical support for this or issues with player reporting & chat.

We hope that this article will shed some light on our rationale for not updating. As this is a major decision, we would also like to hear your feedback! Feel free to leave any on our Discord server.

Thank you and stay safe!